Sara Lahay, BSc, COVT
Vision Therapist

Sara Lahay completed her Bachelor of science at the University of Guelph and shortly after graduation began her career in vision therapy. Sara’s educational experience in anatomy sparked her passion for how the visual system teams with the brain and how through vision therapy, we can change that. She completed the Certified Optometric Vision Therapists program in April, 2016.

At Thompson Optometry, Sara works closely with the team of therapists and doctors to continue her knowledge of the brain, visual system, and how she can enhance function. It is her compassion and empathy that drives her to understand her patients and how they best work so she can help them succeed. Her goal is to create a learning environment where patients can thrive. Sara has a passion for working with patients with disabilities, traumatic brain injury, concussion cases, children and athletes. She looks forward to making positive impacts to the Brampton community and surrounding areas.




Leanne De Palma, COA, COVTR
Vision Therapist

Leanne joined our team in August 2008. Having spent 11 years in the field of Optometry, she has gained insight and expertise in the areas of visual health, vision development, and rehabilitation.

As a Certified Ophthalmic Technician, Leanne has worked alongside Ontario’s best ophthalmologists assisting with LASIK and cataract surgeries. With this experience she was able to make an easy transition into the world of Vision Therapy.

Leanne has successfully completed the clinic curriculum of the Optometric Extension Program foundation and is a member of the College of Syntonic Optometry. She is currently completing the membership program with the Canadian Optometrist in Vision therapy and Rehabilitation.

Leanne has helped countless patients resolve their visual problems and looks forward to working with you.



Nicole Wilson, OCT, COVT
Vision Therapist

Nicole graduated from the Concurrent Education Program at Nipissing University with a Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Education. She is an Ontario Certified Teacher in the primary, junior and intermediate divisions. After furthering her studies in Special Education she found that Vision Therapy was the missing link for many students and specifically those with learning disabilities or students on Individualized Education Programs.Through improving functional visual skills and removing the barriers to learning she has watched her patients academic success flourish. Nicole completed her Certified Optometric Vision Therapist (COVT) qualification in April 2016.

Having a background in education Nicole holds a strong understanding of relationship between vision and learning, how it impacts classroom performance and what steps are necessary for student success. Nicole has a true passion for working with children and individuals with concussion/brain injury. She is devoted to leading each individual towards attaining their unique goals, building meaningful connections, instilling confidence within, and restoring her patients enjoyment of life and learning.