VISION THERAPY - Testimonials


"Six weeks into vision therapy, I started to feel my symptoms decrease in severity and frequency for the first time in about 10 months. I am so thankful that I was referred to Dr. Thompson and had Sara as my vision therapist. They were consistently knowledgeable, empathetic and encouraging, and it was clear to me very early on that they had my best interests at heart. I honestly can’t thank them enough for helping me recover and return to my regular life."

"In my 14 years of teaching, I’ve never seen anything result in such a rapid growth in student achievement. Last year his IEP was set at Gr. 1, this year we agreed he is ready for Gr 3 modifications. We truly appreciate your patience, perseverance, and creative approach to my son’s treatment."

"I can’t express my thanks to you enough for all the work you’ve done with my daughter. You had the right balance of encouragement and tough love with her the whole time. This has been a long journey but one worth taking and I’m grateful that you were a major part of it."

"Thanks for all you have done for me, guiding me through the vision therapy process. You have been so patient and understanding throughout. You are excellent at what you do and inspire hope and confidence."

"I had so much fun working with you. Thank you so much for your patience. You really helped giving me some confidence back. There is no way I could have done it without vision therapy!"

" Thank you for everything you have done to help my daughter and beyond. Not only can she see better, but her confidence is up. With you she feels safe and encouraged to let her true self shine and we see this starting to spread."